Trying to navigate spending money in a new country can be quite confusing, particularly when the currency is so different from yours back at home. It’s often hard to know whether you are getting a bad deal for a meal, clothing or rent. This is why we’re here to help you navigate the average costs in Sydney!

Average rental prices vary based on what suburb you’re living in and the conditions of the accommodation. If you feel like you might be getting a bad deal for accommodation or are having issues with rental agreements, you can book an appointment to get free legal advice with the SRC.

Determining whether you are paying too much for accommodation can be quiet difficult when you don’t know the average  rental prices. To help,  put together this helpful guide on the average rental prices per suburb in Sydney.


To determine average prices of food, transportation, clothing, entertainment and essential products in Sydney, follow this link.This website even allows you to switch monetary values so you can see how much these items cost in your home currency.

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