Joining a student club is one of the easiest ways to make new friends, explore an interest or skill and get more involved in campus life. With over 200 student clubs currently on offer at the University of Sydney it’s often difficult to know which ones to join, or even know to join them!


The help make this easy, check out this simple guide we’ve put together for you on how to join a club:

  1. Get your ACCESS Card

Please remember that you must be an ACCESS Member to join a club or society! Getting an ACCESS Card is easy, simply go to the International Student Lounge (Level 4, Wentworth Building) or Manning Reception to grab your one semester card for only $45.

As well as being able to join clubs, you will also get 15% discounts at outlets on and off campus.

  1. Do Your Research

Have a look at all the clubs that we have to offer through the USU Website. You can either search by category or through looking at the full list of clubs alphabetically.

  1. Come Say Hello on ODay

Semester 2 ODay is happening on Monday 25 July from 9am-4pm on Eastern Avenue. This is one of your best opportunities to pick up some goodies, enjoy some food,  check out all the clubs that the USU has to offer and join them.

  1. Get in Contact

Don’t stress if you missed out on ODay, you can still join clubs throughout the semester. Simply contact the club through the email address provided on the USU Website and ask to get involved!

club email

  1. Make New Friends and Enjoy!

Whether you’ve signed up to be the Quidditch Society’s new Seeker, trying to improve your Spanish at the SUSLAS conversion classes or simply want to have some chocolate pancakes with ChocSoc, you’re guaranteed to meet lots of new people.

Make sure you come along to the events and enjoy getting more involved in campus life whilst making lots of new friends!