Australia is a beautiful country well known for its clean air and vast nature. Help us keep it this way by following this simple guide on how to be eco-friendly in Australia:

  1. Use the correct bins

You’ll notice that bins have different coloured lids in Sydney; the colour of each lid indicates what should go in the bin. Red lid is for landfill waste- food scraps, meat, plastic bags, disposable coffee cups & more. Yellow lid is for recycling- plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum, plastic containers and more. Blue lid is for paper- magazines, envelopes, documents & more. Green lid is for green waste- weeds, grass clippings, plants, flowers & trees.

More information about the different lid covers at the University of Sydney can be found here.


  1. Don’t litter

Ensure that all rubbish (including cigarette butts) goes into the bin. In NSW you will receive a monetary a fine if you are caught littering, this also includes littering from your car. This is a $250 fine for littering rubbish & $450 fine for littering dangerous objects (such as lit cigarette butts). As well as receiving a fine, littering is extremely frowned upon in Australia so you might be told off by someone in the street for doing it.

More information about these fines can be found here.



  1. Never take natural resources from the beach

You should never take natural resources from the beach in Australia. This includes- shells, plants and wildlife. Aussies do not like the removal of shells from the beach as it has detrimental effects on the ecosystem there.

Follow this link to read an article outlining how taking shells damages beach ecosystems.


  1. Dispose of batteries, lights & mobile phones correctly

Batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs contain many dangerous toxic metals, this means that they cannot be thrown into a general waste bin. You must only dispose of these items in special battery disposal bins.

A list of battery disposal bins at the University of Sydney can be found here. 


  1. Smoking etiquette

It is illegal to smoke in all enclosed public spaces and some outdoor public spaces in Australia. Before you smoke, make sure that you are not standing in a ‘smoke free area’ indicated by the image below. Before lighting up a cigarette around other people, you should always ask if they mind that you smoke near them. Smoking around someone without asking is considered to be quite rude.

Most importantly- you should ALWAYS put out your cigarettes properly and put them in the bin. Leaving butts on the ground is bad for the environment and has the potential  to cause fires on hot Australian days.

More information about smoking in Sydney can be found here. 


Do you have some advice about how to be eco-friendly? Let us know by leaving a comment below!