Mike is from China and studies Biomedical Engineering at University of Sydney

One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Sydney is also famous for its natural beauty and wildlife. Over the years residents have developed the city whilst protecting its wonderland of national parks, forests, mountains and stunning coastlines. It is home to numerous species of wonderful wildlife, from insects and birds to reptiles and mammals.

Believe it or not, there are entrepreneurs in Sydney who sell clean air from the Blue Mountains to other countries for $30 a can! Lucky for you, fresh air is free here (no ACCESS membership required), so go out and explore Sydney’s amazing nature and wildlife using this article as a guide!

Fresh air is free here! (Mike Mao)

Centennial Parkland:

Centennial Parkland is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney (see here) and is comprised of Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park. With its diverse scenery and network of ponds, Centennial Park is one of the best places to bird-watch in Sydney, with over one hundred species of birds.

bat's 2
Bats sleeping at Centennial Park. (Mike Mao)

Centennial Park is one of the few spots in Sydney that is favoured by “flying foxes”, also known as mega-bats. They are nocturnal, meaning they are active by night and by day hang in the trees doing nothing but squeaking!

Fishing for carp at Centennial Park. (Mike Mao)

The park faces threats from both humans and exotic animal species. This picture was taken at my first volunteer session at Centennial Park. Many years ago the British brought European Carp into the Sydney river system which reproduced over time and eventually became overpopulated, threatening native fish species. As volunteers we reduced the numbers of carps by fishing inside Centennial Parkland to improve the pond quality.

Clovelly Beach:

For those not keen on walking, how about swimming instead? Clovelly Beach (see here) isn’t as famous or large as Bondi or Manly Beach, however it is well known for its diverse range of underwater marine life.

clovelly 2
Clovelly Beach is a perfect place for a picnic! (Mike Mao)

Clovelly Beach is located at the end of a narrow bay surrounded by trees and is the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family. There are also promenades which are great for sun-baking!

You can imagine Clovelly Beach as a giant swimming pool. The narrow bay provides protection for sea-life and swimmers against large waves and other potential threats from the ocean.

clovelly 1
The narrow bay protects sea-life and swimmers from waves and threats. (Mike Mao)

The real beauty of Clovelly Beach is hidden beneath the water – dive under and let the sea be yours! Fishing is strictly prohibited to protect the fish species. During my underwater adventures I have spotted 30 different kinds of marine life including sea shells, prawns, fish, and even a stingray, which I nearly stepped on!

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