If you hang out at ISL in the morning you may have met Lachlan, who started working at USU as an ACCESS Casual in February 2016. Let’s get to know him in what will be a regular segment on the International Student Forum called “Meet Our Staff”!


  1. T: Hello Lachlan!
    L: Hi Tess.
    T: What’s your middle name?
    L: John.
    T: (disappointed) Oh, I was hoping for a funnier one…

  2. T: ISL is burning down, which board game do you grab? And this says a lot about your personality so choose wisely. 
    L: Carcassonne. There are other games I prefer but I already own copies of them, so…
    T: Okay, I didn’t say you could steal the game though!

  3. T: What’s your favourite part of the job?
    L: Getting to know the regulars.
    T: Who’s your favourite regular? Ignore that Hubert’s standing right here… 
    L: Well I’m a bit biased ‘cos I have a few friends who come to play pool […] so I’d have to say those guys.

  4. T: What are your hobbies?
    L: I play Quidditch, that takes up a ridiculous amount of time and effort for me […], slightly obsessed with it. I play video games and watch a fair bit of online content.
    T: …
    You wanna expand on that so it doesn’t sound dodgy?
    L: Ah fair enough; there’s a company that makes video game-based videos.

  5. T: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
    L: Pizza. 
    T: That was easy… that’s several things though! 
    L: Exactly. 
    T: Dammit you’ve thought of everything! 
    L: Yeah I’ve had that question multiple times…

  6. T: What is a strange talent or superpower that you possess? Has to be real.
    L: I feel like we’re going to get back to Quidditch…
    T: You’re a “Beater” right? What does that involve?
    L: It involves intimidating the other team basically.
    T: So your secret talent is intimidation?
    L: Yeah, let’s say that.
    T: Haha okay, “C
    ome to ISL with Lachlan who will intimidate you!” 
    L: You can change “intimidation” to “strategic thinking”.
    T: Nope it’s intimidation.

  7. T: Hmm I had another question…
    L: How about a superpower that you’d like to have? Because I’ve got an answer for that ready.
    T: Oh… I have a really nerdy one. What’s yours?
    L: Every time I laugh lightning flashes in the background.
    T: Like evil laughing?
    L: Any laughter. Even if it’s a giggle, there’s a crack of lightning and a bolt goes down in the background.
    T: Umm… why?
    L: ‘Cos that would be fantastic,–
    T:  (unconvinced) Y
    L: –you laugh and *lightning noises*.

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